Art Part Deux: The Update

The art show on Friday went well. We didn’t face any technical difficulties, the art was good, the music was good. I played keys with The Novelist, and our performance went well. Jake Hand recorded it and it actually sounds great for a little stereo mic. I’ll post the full recording when it’s uploaded.

Also, I modified the original visualization a little bit. It was really just a starting point, and once I got all the technical kinks worked out (related to analyzing the audio spectrum data without playing the audio in real-time) I was able to modify the visuals a bit. As you might have noticed, the original was based partially on Brendan Dawes’ Sonic Dots – with some important modifications – but based on it nonetheless. I changed the code up to add some different flare, and I was in the process of changing it more when I ran out of room on my hard drive. Processing tried to save my sketch and since there was no room, it actually deleted all of my code. I can re-write (probably best to refactor now anyway), but this was two days before the show and I took it as a sign that I should just get on with it and turn in what I had. I ended up displaying both versions because I couldn’t decide which I liked more. Here’s version two of the visualization based on Jesse Cohen‘s “My First Music Toy.”

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